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We are dog trainers and behaviourists providing group and 1-2-1 dog training sessions based in Clyst St Mary, just outside Exeter.

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What we believe and Practice

Our Philosophy

We believe, like our human relationships, all relationships with dogs should include communication, trust and mutual respect.

We believe in-person connection and communication, trumps any other form of connection. There is huge value in being present, in the moment, with the dog and person in front of you.

We help you to set out clear consistent boundaries, fair expectations, to avoid conflict and misunderstanding and to learn practical skills you can apply to everyday life with your dog.

We use positive methods that are based on the latest science, neuroscience, biology, behaviour analysis and philosophy. We help you to better understand your dogs behaviour to enhance life together in a positive way.


We offer training skills that fit within the concept of obedience, but come from a calm communicative approach that promotes agency and autonomy, rather than force and control.

We know dogs can think for themselves and encourage owners to facilitate this through appropriate guidance and choice making to enable learning, whilst being safe and calmly behaved.

We believe all education should be fun and accessible for all ages and learning styles.

What we do

Our Services

Dog Training

We offer both 1-2-1 dog training sessions and group dog training classes. The skills we teach, will improve your handling and training skills. Building your confidence and strengthen your understanding of how to communicate with your dog.

Puppy Training

We offer both 1-2-1 puppy training sessions and group classes. The content we teach, covers a wide range of popular topics including foundation skills for lead walking and recall. Understanding dog behaviour, dog social communication and body language. How to nurture a calm and confident puppy. As well as, the best equipment to use, healthcare and welfare. The aim of our puppy education is to help you lay the foundations for a long happy life together.

Adolescent Dog Training

Our group adolescent dog training classes will provide you with a deeper understanding of your “teen dog”. Giving you skills  and awareness to help your dog glide smoothly through to adulthood.

Adolescence is an intensely sensitive time in terms of brain development and emotions. What looks like a “naughty dog” is really just a sensitive developing adolescent who needs more patience and understanding. Learning the signs of a struggling teen and how to support them to feel calm and safe is intrinsic to the education we offer in Adolescent School.

You and your Adolescent dog will become a great Team.

Behaviour Support

We offer a behaviour consultation package tailored to help you and your dog through a range of specific, intense behaviour challenges. The package provides support over several weeks and aims to support you enough to feel confident to continue independently, when you and your dog are ready.

We cover Exeter and Surrounding areas, including, Woodbury, Topsham, Exmouth, Ottery, Cranbrook, Honiton, Pinhoe and more. Find us on Google Maps


What People Are Saying

Rachel SymnsRachel Symns
20:21 18 Feb 23
Chilli has just graduated from puppy school and we can't be prouder. Howard is so knowledgeable and we loved his philosphy, which is to build the relationship between the puppy and their humans. Rather than 'training' skills we learnt how to tune in to Chilli's natural behaviour to develop a trusting partnership with her as she grows into adolescence. We have been shown how to create a safe, enhanced environment for her to develop into a happy, confident and well behaved dog. Thank you Howard, we are really looking forward to adolescence school, and in the meantime, we have lots of fun games to practice with Chilli and our other 2 dogs.
Claire JonesClaire Jones
21:36 26 Nov 22
We felt we were at a crisis point after a few challenging incidents with our adolescent pointer. Thank goodness we contacted Leaps and Hounds. To be fair to our dog (and with the benefit of hindsight!) - he's been brilliant the whole way through. But Lucy has really empowered us as dog owners. She has given us understanding, confidence, knowledge, and effective tools to (much) better cope and support our dog. We really credit Lucy for helping to usher in a really positive relationship with our handsome Griff.
Maggie JonesMaggie Jones
18:32 13 Oct 22
Just finished Puppy course. This 6 week course is packed full of fun, activities and training for us puppy owners! Howard communicates his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for dogs in an idyllic setting. His love for the puppies oozes at all times and the puppies all recognise that. Really really worthwhile course.
Lucy MacLeodLucy MacLeod
13:14 26 Sep 22
Myself and my puppy, Kenny are almost at the end of our 6 week puppy course and it's been incredible. I cannot recommend Howard and Lucy enough. Lucy has been so friendly and easy to contact and very responsive when booking and asking questions. Howard is so incredibly knowledgeable and the way he communicates and explains information is just amazing. He uses examples and metaphors which really help to cement the information.It has given me such a understanding of my puppy and this has helped create a strong bond.I will be signing up for the adolescent course as the skills that Howard teaches are invaluable and I really looking forward to understanding Kenny more and I feel lucky that I am able to do this using the skills that I have learnt on the 6 week course.It's so much more than puppy training!!
Angela LangdonAngela Langdon
07:59 11 Aug 22
I booked Leaps & Hounds because of the 5 star reviews and can now add my own 5 stars. We booked the 6-week puppy training course for our Labrador Rufus. We all learnt so much from Howard and thoroughly enjoyed the course. The course is well paced and very informative. It is clear Howard totally understands dogs and is a mine of information. We will be booked onto the adolescent course as soon as we can and have no hesitation recommending Leaps & Hounds to everyone.
11:37 12 Jun 22
Lucy has been working with us and our dog molly ever since she was a puppy. She is amazing at dealing with our highly sensitive dog and has really helped us to understand how to support her needs. Every session has been insightful fun and truly helpful. Couldn’t recommend leaps and hounds more!