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Adolescent Training

Adolescence begins somewhere between 5 – 7 months and continues up to adulthood, somewhere between 2.5 – 3 years , depending on the individual. The comparable human equivalent is about 25 years.

The brain and body are still developing. This is a sensitive and changeable time. Dogs are more sensitive to stress during this time. Every day events can become more of a challenge.

Adolescence comes with conflicting emotions such as confidence and insecurity. A desire for more independence, as well as a heightened need for reassurance. Natural exploration, investigation and socialising become more important but can also be overwhelming at times.

Everyday things can suddenly spook your teen and all the obedience you thought you were making progress with may temporarily regress.

It requires us to have a deeper understanding of how our dogs are growing and developing. What went well in puppyhood may not be the case for adolescence.

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