Who We Are

Lucy Aalders

Training & Behaviour Coach

C.C.B (Certified Canine Behaviourist) Intodogs
C.A.T (Certified Animal Trainer) ICAN
C.D.T (Certified Dog Trainer) IMDT


Lucy has been professionally working with dogs and their families for more than a decade. Her interests in understanding behaviour first began in her earlier career, working with children and young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. Learning different ways to communicate, to build trust and a deeper understanding of another’s experience is a core part of who Lucy is.

In 2007 Lucy’s heart was stolen by a rescue lurcher named Tiggy. In an attempt to help Tiggy with her behaviour challenges, Lucy began to pursue an education in canine behaviour, psychology and physiology.

In 2010 Lucy began her own business of dog walking and care, progressing to group class teaching and 121 behaviour support and training. Since 2010 Lucy has gained a broad range of knowledge and experience in many areas of dog behaviour, training and education. She has worked both abroad and in the UK with 1000s of dogs and their families, of varying ages, breeds and backgrounds.

Lucy is passionate about guiding people to observe and understand their dogs, build trusting relationships and learn mutually beneficial ways to communicate. She believes that behaviour is fundamentally an expression of how the dog is feeling, both emotionally and physically. If we ask the question “why?” we can begin to unpick the roots of what may be causing the behaviour.

In more recent years, Lucy’s practice has included a more in depth look at ethology, plus understanding of nutrition and physical health and their impact on the brain and behaviour of the individual. Working closely with veterinary and physiotherapy professionals, Lucy aims to offer a “whole dog” approach to supporting any dog and their family through challenging times.

Lucy is a fully certified member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and a Fully Certified Canine Behaviourist with INTODOGS. Lucy continues to study and learn for her ongoing Professional Development.

If she had to choose, Lucy’s doggy soft spot are Collies and Lurchers, but hasn’t met a dog yet that she does fall in love with.

Professional Achievements
  • 2 day career as a dog trainer at Alpha Dog Training School – Aug 2010
  • 4 day career as a dog trainer at Alpha Dog Training School – Oct 2010
  • 2 day seminar (aggression/rehabilitation, perfect puppy foundation, perfect clicker training, canine body language at IMDT – Oct 2011
  • Animal Aiders Dog First Aid Training course – Feb 2012
  • Gert De Bolster seminar- Aggression and Training Rehabilitation – Aug 2012
  • Grisha Stewart Seminar on BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training) – Nov 2012
  • The Fearful, Anxious Dog with Jon Bowen MRCUS – Nov 2012
  • T-Touch with Sarah Fisher – Feb 2013
  • 3 day Agility Training with Alison Martin (IMDT)
  • K9 Freestyle – Dancing dogs with Richard Curtis – Feb 2013
  • Ian Dunbar – Jul 2013
  • Understanding Aggression with Jim Crosby 2013
  • Victoria Stilwell – Positively – Nov 2013
  • IMDT Rescue Puppy 5 day course – February 2014
  • Stop! Predatory Drive with David Ryan 2015
  • Happy Recallers with Nando Brown & Steve Mann (IMDT) 2014
  • Self Control with Helen Zulch 2015
  • IMDT 3 DAY Conference 2016
  • Tracking Level 1, 2 & 3 with Pat Taggs 2015 – 2016
  • BrokenTracks with Pat Taggs Oct 2016
  • Resource Guarding 2 Day Seminar with Dave Brice (IMDTB) Sep 2016
  • Separation Anxiety 2 Day Seminar with Dave Brice (IMDTB) Jan 2017
  • 1 Day ACE with Sarah Fisher @ Tilly Farm July 2019
  • 5 Days ACE with Sarah Fisher @ Tilley Farm Sept 2019
  • The international Dog Behaviour Conference May 2020
  • ACE Module one with Sarah fisher online and in person 3 days 2021
  • Dog Aggression Conference with Michael Shikashio 3 days 2022
  • Learning about Border Collies with Kay Laurence Online 2023
  • Butternut Box Nutrition 2023 – 4 Lectures – Gut, diet, Nutrition

As a full accredited member of The Association of INTODogs and the IMDT I am able to display this symbol. Please check out the charter website to see what assurances this symbol brings (www.dogcharter.uk).